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Compare the role of clients in the project managers with design and production team

Dear Manoj,

Your question is more of academic in nature. I can advise that, you would, in addition to my answer find some very useful additional information on the Internet particularly in Contract Management and Project Management text books or write-ups.

Anyway, i would just answer few lines.

Client role in project management (i rephrase your statement) would mean to assist both the design and production team and his own project management representatives to achieve the desired project objectives. His role includes:
* Timely decision taking where applicable
* Time payment
* Often assessment of Project and Contract Risks
* Often review of project cash flow and budget
* Coordinated change management
* Take decision on professional advise from the Consultants
* Proactive approach to subcontract decision to nominate and administration.

While other production and design team are only required to promptly advise and administer the project by:
* Preparing valuations and payment certificates timely in line with the contract
* Promptly advising the Client on Risk issues and Cost issues
* Proactively taking decisions to respond to Contractor's queries and requests
* Act as an unbiased arbiter between client and contractor.
* Cooperate with the Contractor and Client

I hope i have helped.



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