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Dear Sir,

I am a Contract administrator pertaining to construction works at Amman and we are working as FIDIC 1987 eddition 1992.

As the sub-Clause 60.2, the Engineer shall, within 28 days of receiving such statement, certify to the Employer...

Two questions which I couldn't find the answers in Contract:

1- The Engineer is refusing to provide us with a copy of payment every 28 days. Is it contractual?

2- Also, the Engineer is certifying the payment and imposed percentages or deductions without any consultation with us. Is it contractual?

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Dear Pierre
I am taking the opportunity to reply your questions pertaining to the  sub clause 60.2 of FIDIC 1987 eddition 1992;
1. No it is not contractual, Engineer has to be provide the copy of certified payment under each IPC.
2. If Engineer found himself the payment claimed by the contractor are/is not justified, Engineer may recommend the partial payment in wants of justification.After submission of justification of Engineers satisfaction payment may be adjusted in next IPC.This is contractual subjected to the reason of deduction/percentage partial should be clearly mentioned and agreed by the contractor, otherwise bill may be return to the contractor for resubmission as case may be.
I hope this will help you.
With due regards
Sanjay Khandelwal

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