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I am contacting you to inquire about an issue related to bypassing my office authority who works as a monitoring and supervision office for the implementation of a building project by the contractor in many cases such as :
-   The contractor refuse receive any letter from my office since 7 months until now .
-   The contractor refuse to give my office any Daily or Monthly Report since 7 months until now .
-   The contractor shall his works without let my office to look about it .
-   The contractor refuse to respond to any requests from supervisor .
-   The contractor bypass my office authority .
The owner’s office asking the contractor to contact with my office but the contractor refuse to respond about that .
I would like to inquire about the action that we should follow considering FIDIC 1999 statements and regulations?
“ I think that the Contractor doing that  in order to hide the truth and notice the others that the reason for the delay in the project is my office “
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Dear Shadi,

I am not sure that I can answer your question effectively without a lot more information.

A difficult, but not unusual situation.  If you are responsible for certifying payment, then the solution is easy - do not issue any payment certificates without the necessary inspections and tests.  Of course this action could create more stress between the parties.  There are very few sanctions in FIDIC 99, if the Contractor does not fulfil his obligations except to terminate the Contract.  If you propose this action, you may find that your contract is terminated!  You need to tread carefully.  

There are several rather hard questions to consider.  Why is the Contractor behaving like this?  What have you done to lose his respect so that he ignores you?  You will say 'nothing', but I will say 'look at the situation'.  What happened 7 months ago?  Was that the start of the contract or later?  Why have you allowed the situation to continue?  Should someone else be appointed to be supervisor?  Perhaps you can give me more details.

When I have found myself in a similar situation, which was rare, I have tried to correct the situation.  Where I could not correct the situation, I resigned within a couple of months and found another assignment.  Alternatively, I got the RE changed if I was working as a contractor.  This type of situation is not conducive to a successful contract.  

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