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after receiving the letter of acceptance and before being issued with the construction drawings, can a contractor prepare and submit for approval a sub-clause 8.3 programme basing on tender information only? what are consequences, to the contractor, for taking the above route? if not appropriate to prepare a sub-clause 8.3 programme basing on tender information, what re-course is there for the contractor?

Dear Sir,
Most of the time Project Program are prepared   based on the tendered information, based on detail investigations and or actual technical data. Contractors have their own risk mitigation strategies / planning in project completion schedules. Contractor has to take care the following:
  Soil investigation to confirm the strata, water analysis, source of material's identifications, and transportations route identification in the shortest time is necessary to confirm the project completion schedule.
  Finalization of construction/erection/commissioning sequence (there must be an alternative sequence of construction. The design progress and appropriate design safety provisions must support the construction sequences (on one of our project powerhouse constructions. The sequence of construction was erection bay-unit-1-unit-2 and unit-4, whereas due to rock stability problem, the sequence of construction was changed / reversed. After very late, it was surfaced that the outer wall of unit-4 is not strong enough structurally unless its roof slab is not completed, this caused us minimum 3-4-month delay).
  As soon as the sequence of construction and construction alternative finalized, the design work would go in a flexible way to support the contingencies. Most of the floats are available in design work activities.
  longest time consuming path / work / construction / manufacturing / delivery / installations / commissioning to be monitored in first part of the schedule, delay mitigation and or alternatives shall be on the table until the process is cleared completely.
  Ordering of the material and plant must be monitored separately, until, all items are not ordered, and its final delivery time is not incorporated in the latest schedule.
  All changes in sequence, durations, constraints need to be documented/agreed with the engineer to accommodate the project overall completions/milestones. The contractor is the custodian of the project schedule and may adopt an alternative, technically viable and within the contractual project completion/project milestones.
I hope; it may help you in taking care of your issue.
Best Regard,
Akhtar Hussain Mayo  

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