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QUESTION: Hi I am a subcontractor for one particular company. This company have just introduced PDA systems for us engineers to receive our jobs, emailing, photos etc. I am not technically minded I don't seem to understand it all so my wife has always completed my paperwork for work and scanned, emailed etc on a daily basis. This is also because I have trouble reading and writing. I am a skilled worker and am very good at what I do give me hand tools/power tools etc I have no problems.
Obviously my wife can't come to work with me and this PDA needs to be used throughout the day for each job. This is really causing me unnecessary stress and worry and I'm starting to panic about the jobs as operating this system is taking longer than any of my jobs.
Have I got the right not to use the PDA or do I have to use it as the company have supplied it?? I am on the verge of quitting my job as I just can't operate it. Please help

ANSWER: Dear Paul,
Thank you for the question.

Very briefly, You have to go and adopt procedures as agreed between the two parties i.e the contractor & sub-contractor.I will recommend that matter may be re-discussed with the contractor with real difficulties explained in detail to them.I am sure that this matter can be resolved by mutual discussions by agreeing to use a media acceptable to both sides.

Liaqat Hayat

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QUESTION: Can they get rid of me if I refuse to use it??
Tell me there's no work for me??
I have already discussed my problems with them but it seems it's in one ear and out the other.
Thank you for responding to my previous question

Dear Paul,
Thanks for another question
I am not sure  if there is  any written agreement or a verbal contract only.If verbal agreement,they have to follow the lawof land and without completing certain pre-requisite and Iam sure using PDA can not be grounds for dismisal unless company job cannot be performed in another equally feasible manner.In case of written agreement,it has to be inline with the provision of the contract.At my place (PAKISTAN),no body will get a sack for such a minor matter nor I have ever come across such a dismissal case.
Liaqat Hayat

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