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Should I grant the contractor 100% of every item of the contract in the taking over certificate, leaving the snag list value to be covered by retention money/performance bond?

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My answer is yes. the reason is that, at taking over certificate, it is assumed that, either that the works has been substantially completed and has passed all the tests either in parts or whole. As such, you either pay substantial payment for all works that have been satisfactorily completed while the retention on such payment would be retained for any remedial work / snags. However, if in your opinion, the retention money would be insufficient to cover the amount for executing the volume of the works remaining, remedial works and others, then, it becomes obligatory on your part, to limit whatever payment you want to certify on taking over certificate to such that would protect your client in case the Contractor fails. Alternatively, do not forget also, that, you are also having the performance bond with you which can be claimed in case of any default.

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