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Hello FEmi,

This is in connection to my queries pertaining the termination of COnsultants contract, my question is if there is any implication in the contract if the decision pertained to Clause 51 Power of Engineer to Fix Rates. In this scenario it is clearly the Engineers decision, if the Engineers was terminated can a CLient do this function ? if yes is there any procedure that i need to to do? I want to gather concrete information of all the disadvantages and other repercussions in terminating the contract and to avoid possible dispute in this kind of decisions since consultant is not performing his contractual obligations inspite of warnings (the contract will end this dec 2013 & no extension).

Again thank you very much.

Dear Reggie,

Yes, Engineer has power to fix rates where both parties could not agree at the rates. It is also good to know that, even though the Engineer has power to fix rates, that does not mean that, whatever rates he fixes are final, should the contractor be dissatisfied with the rates, it can go to dispute and the contractor nay choose to follow the dispute resolution procedure to challenge the Engineer's decision.

Now, if the client terminates the consultants for any reason and  the consultants I  named as the Engineer, then, the client can take up the role of the Engineer or appoint another person. You should note that in many situation, the consultants are usually Engineer's representative and not "the Engineer" but most people misconceived this a lot. You need to check the  contract and see who is the named Engineer.

Hope this is okay

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