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Hello Femi,

The original contract for the Post-Contract Consultancy was 18 months & due to EOT were extended to additional 6months, With this duration Client decided to terminate the contract and no extention was granted (Consultant not performing their contractual obligations & not paying their people of their salaries for 4 months now))even the project will finish April 2014. My qeries are:
- What are the procedure? IS this a termination of contract for not renewing it(Extended COntract will due on Dec 2013)?
- Can the COntractor directly report to the CLient? IS there any contract implications on this?

Thank you again.

Dear Reggie,

Thanks for your question.

From your question, i could understand that there are two contract. One between the Client and the Contractor which was granted EoT and the other between the Client and the Supervision Consultants. Your question (as i understood it) bothers on the Client terminating the supervision consultant's services after the original contract period and within the extension of time. My answer is that, Client may terminate the supervision consultant's services notwithstanding whether the Construction contract is granted EoT or not since both contracts would have their respective terms and conditions which obviously may not be the same.

If the supervision consultants services is terminated, the client can arrange alternative method of supervising the works and may do that by himself, his agents or other third party.

Hope this helps?


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