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We are sub comtractor for Aluminium and Glazing.The contract signed is a Lump Sum (Fixed Price) Accepted Contrct Amount.Kindly let me have your view on the following:-
A)Can a reduction in quantity be made due to a change at site?
B)Can the contract price be reduced due to this change?
C)What is the reduction in price to be given if employer is entitled to reduce quantity? (Please note material has already been imported)
The contract is based on Fidic First Edtion 1999.

Dear Lucky,

a) A reduction can be made by a variation issued. An omission variation can be issued for the Scope.

b) Contract price shall be revised based on the agreed variation.

c) The price that shall be deducted from contract price is the BOQ amount of the item omitted. There shall be a percentage described for the max. amount of variation in the Contract amount. If the material is delivered in accordance with Work Programme than Contractor may claim for the material amount in a separate claim.


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