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hello Sir,
THE ENGINEER'S role in FIDIC 87 has been altered in FIDIC 99. it appears that the independence of "The Engineer" has been taken away and he is now to act on behalf of the Employer. The clause "the Engineer to act impartially has been removed in FIDIC 99. if my understanding as above is correct then:

1- what do you think necessitated FIDIC to bring this change?
2- do you think "The Engineer" still can act as an independent entity as envisaged in FIDIC 87?

Dear Jamil

I am sorry for the late response. Actually I was busy in some other urgent assignment and did not open my mails.

The fact of the matter is that the Engineer has always been an appointee of the Employer as his remunerations are paid by the Employer alone. Although the case was same in FIDIC 87, yet the document termed the Engineer as an independent body. However realizing that the Contractor may not look at it this way, FIDIC finally agreed to mention the Engineer as his representative in FIDIC 99 and onward and introduced a mechanism of DB or DRB or DAB which is completely a neutral body as being paid equally by both the Parties to the contract.

Having said so, this does not mean that Engineer will no more act impartially but this is only an admission to a factual position. The Engineer is still supposed to be impartial in its determinations under the Contract as this is the only way to command respect of both the parties and for the smooth running of the Contract.

Hope this answers your question. Once again I apologize for the late response.

Abdul Majid Khan  

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