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QUESTION: Assuming that the contractor fail to complete the project on the contract end date. Is the engineer bound to continue with scheduled site meetings indefinitely until the contractor completes the works?

ANSWER: Dear Anthony

In case of bespoke contracts it largely depends on the conditions of contract agreed between the Employer and the Engineer. However as per any standard form of contract like FIDIC etc; the Engineer shall continue to work until TOC is issued.

If there is any EOT or delays by others, the Engineer need to be available until Completion of all the works and for such duration reasonable reimbursements shall be made by the Employer.

Hope this clarifies you query.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt reply. I do understand that I should be available until TOC. Would I also be required to chair minuted site meetings until TOC.

Dear Anthony,

I am sure that your contract with the Employer require you to attend/chair all the meetings until TOC. Meetings are just project management tools and provides the Engineer with documentary evidences of the works progressing at site.

Since you will be present at the site I do not understand your reluctance to chair the meetings. If your attendance is as and when required, you may defer such meetings bi-weekly instated of every week.

Since you are being reimburse a fee for carrying out your duties as an Engineer, and such duties I presume include chairing progress meetings as well.


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