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Dear Sir. I am quite familiar with the circumstances that lead the contractor to declare time to be "at large", i am concerned however, about the consequences (i.e completing the work in reasonable time)
who makes the determination of the duration of "reasonable time"?
what factors are usually involved that affect such duration?
are there any famous cases that illustrate these points? it would be helpful to read about them -if any-
Thanks for your time

Hi Abed
A reasonable time to complete would normally be decided on what actually happened during the progress of the works - based on the facts.
The question being that - taking all factors into account - did the contractor proceed regularly and diligently with the progress of the works AND did he make endeavours to mitigate the effect of delays.
If the contractor did not finish in a reasonable time then damages for non completion are also at large for the period of over run.
In some cases the lawyers may require a form of delay analysis to determine a reasonable time for completion.
Another factor is that the project would be well on the way for completion before time could be set at large so the conduct of the contractor has to be examined throughout the project.
I have researched Atkinson Law for you which has an excelent database of UK law cases:
I am sure you could google a few more.
Best regards
Mike Testro

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