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May you please help me, I have applied for extension of time, the reason of the delay is that the transporter who was supposed to transport material was on strike - it was a national strike for transporters. Now the engineer wants the clause in GCC under which l am making my claim

Good Day Maizani

You have not identified the Contract in which the Project is being administered. This is important for me to assist you in answering your question accurately.

However, without this information all i can advise at this time is that your situation may constitute a delay due to "Force Majeure".

This situation is usually due to the following exceptional circumstances, which are:

-   Beyond the control of both parties.
-   Could not have been reasonably provided against before entering the contract.
-   Could not be reasonably avoided or overcome
-   Was not substantially attributable to the fault of any party to the contract.

In FIDIC 1999 "red book" the clause which deals with Force Majeure is Clause 19 (Subclause 19.1 - Subclause 19.7)

If you are not using FIDIC 1999 or any standard form of contract the issue remains one on Force Majeure and whatever remedies allowed by law should be applicable.

Best Regards

Kermit Dick  

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