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We have a bridge site over Koshi river Nepal. The agreement was done 26th asad 2069 B.S. the site possession date was start date. We got the site possession letter only on 21st of Aswin by fax. During our site visit we didn't get the bench marks or any other sufficient points to locate the bridge axis and till this date we are not provided any such points.My questions are:

1, Does the site possession means only handling the letter? What is its exact meaning?

2, How this situation can be converted into compensation event?

3,What type of letter do u suggest?

Dear kc
Reply of your your questions are as under.
1.Meaning of site possession is hindrance free site handing over to the contractor at the location not only by the letter.The Employer shall give the Contractor right of access to, and possession of, all parts of the Site within the time (or times) stated in the Contract Data.
2.If the Contractor suffers delay and/or incurs Cost as a result of a failure by the Employer to give any such right or possession within such time, the Contractor shall give notice.
(a)     an extension of time for any such delay and
(b)    Payment of any such Cost plus profit, which shall be included in the Contract Price.
3.Notice under contractor's claim for EOT and Recovery of cost with profit for such delay in possession.
I hope this will help to you,any other query in this regard you are welcome for further clarifications.
With best regards
Sanjay Khandelwal

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