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Construction Law/need clarification on FIDIC colour code


am a student and as an upcoming QS i have red a little about FIDIC as a vital and reference  blueprint of conditions of contract but my challenge is how to relate condition of contract to different color of FIDIC

Dear Sir
In 1999 FIDIC issued the following Contract documents:
1.   FIDIC Red Book – Design done by the Employer – the works are done by the Contractor, measured and paid based on BOQ
2.   FIDIC Yellow Book – Design and Build – The Contractor is taking the responsibility of design and execution of the works based on the Employer’s requirements. Usually the payment is done on stages
3.   FIDIC Silver Book – turn key projects – like you pay 1 dollar and you buy a bread – you do not know the temperature of the Owen the quality of the flavor, etc you are interested only in the final product – no engineer in this kind of contract
4.   Green book – short form of contracts 15 clauses les than 500000 USD
5.   Pink Book – MDB version – is like a red book but is the document agreed by the banks
6.   Golden Book – design, execution and operate is a tallow book + operating period of about 30 years green field projects
Hope it helps

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