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QUESTION: I am in the concrete business.  I got a call from a general contractor to bid the concrete work on a building project he was bidding to a state college.  I told him I was too busy with the work I already had and was not interested in bidding his project.  He told me to give him a bid so he had a concrete price on bid day.  I gave him my price with unit price breakdowns in writing but I did not sign my bid.  He was the low bidder and got the contract from the State College. He said I was the only concrete sub contractor that submitted a price to him.  Now he wants me to take the job or he will file a lawsuit against me.  I did not sign my bid to him.  Am I legally required to take this job from him?

ANSWER: Dear Arnie
Legally you are not bounded to take this job rather you can go for civil suit against him as you have not signed the bid of unit price of concrete. The unit price asked by him only to bid the contract and he got the contract but he can not insist you to do the job legally even if unit price of concrete  signed by you because you we're not the part of bid submitted by him to get the contract.
I hope thi will help to you.
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Sanjay Khandelwal

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QUESTION: I forgot to mention that my unit prices in my cost estimate did have a total lump sum price at the bottom of my cost estimate.  The general contractor did not have any other concrete prices on bid day so he used my total price in his bid total to the State College.  As mentioned, i DID NOT sign my cost estimate.  By not signing my cost estimate, does this make my bid void to him?  He is now trying to find a concrete contractor to do this work for my price and I believe he is having trouble doing so.  That's why he threatened me with a lawsuit.

Dear Arnie
Yes, without sign your Bid becomes VOID legally.As per the law he was not bounded with your BId to Submit his Bid to State College. Therefore no question arises to get the permission for lawsuit against you.
I hope this will help to you.
With best regards
Sanjay Khandelwal

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