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QUESTION: Hi Mr Sanjay,

I would like to enquire the definition of 'make good' in term of construction contract. We have a conservation project, and in our contract, it mentioned to make good existing wall. However the old building consists of 90-95% of hollow plastered wall. The client request us to hack and re-plastered the wall (internally and externally). They claimed that 'make good' in contract includes hacking and re-plastering. We dispute the claim as to us its a VO, but we lack of justification. Where can I find support document for this.

ANSWER: Dear April Tan
First of all in construction contract, the item to be executed as per specifications of the contract.If in the conservation project contract,the specifications are silent regarding make good contract then the claim of client is not valid. On the other hand in the contract of conservation, methodology should be approved prior to execution of works or in other words it should be the part of contract document prior to sign the contract. In the absence of such documents, matter may be in dispute or a claim as to you its as a variation.
I hope this will help to you.
With best regards
Sanjay Khandelwal

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QUESTION: Dear Sanjay Khandelwal,

There's no specification for the make good, nor is there s methodology for make good. I need to know if there's any support document for definition for make good of existing wall in contract. Is there any 'boundary of work' ie. restricted to area affected or not more than 1m square hollowness of existing wall.

Dear April Tan
If there's no specification for the make good, nor there is methodology for make good existing walls.In conservation project to make good existing conservation is that to adopt method for conservation of existing walls, no need of any boundary of work.There is no document ready with me for definition of make good in construction contract, because it may very contract to contract, there is no standard boundary.The support document is only the condition of contract as the make good means "act as promised".
with best regards
Sanjay Khandelwal  

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