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QUESTION: Dear Femi,

In general it is possible to hold payment for preliminaries (time related) if Contractor's progress is very slow or far behind the program.

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ANSWER: Dear Tharindu,

Thanks for your question.

Yes, it is a common practice though could be justifiable by the Contract depending on the wordings on preliminaries and how it should be paid. In some contract documents, there are such wordings that, the preliminaries would be paid on the project in proportion that is compliant either with the rate of progress or the amount of work done at such time for time-related preliminaries. This means, the Engineer could then, base the time - related payment for certification of preliminaries in proportion to the progress scheduled for such timing and where such progress are behind and without entitlements to EoT, it would then give room for the preliminary adjustment to match with the slow progress accordingly.

Hope this helps you out?


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QUESTION: Thank you Femi your quick and clear answer. If contract document no wording how to pay preliminaries in slow progress then it is possible to certify preliminaries base with rate of progress




Yes, it is possible that you may not find the exact wordings that i described but i am aware that most contract provides for this wording indirectly or impliedly. You may need to comb the full contracts documents for this particularly clauses and contract statements that relates to payments - clause 60 in Fidic ...etc


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