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This is additional info to my previous queries about CDD requirements. What if the contractor late notice 28 days as per Clause 44 is there a chance that contractor be liable within this clause and still comply with the CDD requirements with no cost implication (CDD result comes out last April 28, 2013 & it is only last June 1 they inform the CLient of such new CDD requirements with corresponding cost implication).

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Time bar for notices in contracts have been a subject of contentions in most contracts i have seen but the fact remains that, no contract has actually been penalised because of non-compliance with the time specified for which notice should be served. I have always argued that, the time cap stipulated for notices in any contract is not what determines or qualifies a claim to be a claim but incidences and or circumstance of the causation i.e. either by express instruction, implied instruction or statutory requirements which was not part of the contract. As such, time cap would of necessity not be a "material ground" which is substantially enough on its own upon which a claim can be disqualified. What most contracts, indicated is that, should any non compliance with time bar for notices has caused losses either in information or otherwise, such claims would be determined to such extent considering its implication of such loss on the determination to be made.

Summarily, i mean, non-compliance would not deprive the Contractor of his entitlement to determination on the claim.



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