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QUESTION: What if an agreement is signed on plain paper instead of judicial paper. Can this presented in the court of law?

ANSWER: Dear Salman,

Plain paper agreement is valid. In may jurisdictions even oral agreement is legal and there is no law that says that agreement should be in stamp paper.

Yes, at the time of registration you can pay up the requisite fiscal duties with proper procedures.

I understand that if you give me more information on this I will be able to advise you in a better way.Please send a follow-up question if you require an elaborate reply.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for the prompt reply. I also believe so that even oral commitments can be produced in the court of law, provided you can produce sufficient witness to it. One of my student in the class of Contract Management mentioned that they purchased a vehicle but the sale deed was on plain paper. Due to certain issues, the same had to be used for legal proceedings, but he was mentioning that it could not be used being on plain paper instead of judicial stamp paper. I believe, even plain paper can be regularized at later stage by affixing stamp and additional fee for not using stamp paper at the first instance. Am I correct to that extent?

Dear Salman,

You understanding is correct. Your student's father shall approach a local lawyer with facts and documents and he can get the agreement endorsed by notary.

You may refer following link which explains the validation of agreements:


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