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dear Alina
using FIDIC 99 yellow book, the Engineer has issued an addendum which is not clear but it could be explained and interpolated in different meaning. Is the contractor correct in refusing to execute the extra works included in the addendum based on ( why the engineer was not very clear on his requirement )
Please advise

Hi, Wael,
If by "addendum" you really mean an addendum to the Contract, signed by both Parties, then the Contractor cannot refuse to execute it, since he agreed on it when signing it. The Contractor can ask clarifications on the issues within the addendum and after can try to demonstrate that a reasonable meaning should be considered.
If you refer to an instruction or a Variation (not agreed and signed in either way by the Contractor), the Contractor can ask clarifications, and, if the Contractor cannot execute the instruction or variation, the Engineer can vary the variation or instruction, as per the Sub-Clause 13.1.
Hope ir helps.
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