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Dear Mr. Sivaraman,
as per the standard measurements - how the finishing items to be measured for the following items?
1. Window jambs about 150 mm wide
2. Cornices about 50 mm wide
the contractors are claiming based on the linear meter measures based on the standard measurements. Is it correct?
Joseph A George

Dear Mr George,
Thanks for your question.
First we have to see which standard of method of measurement is mentioned in the contract. But all the standards are derived from commonsense. let me explain to you from Indian Standards point of view:
for Window jambs:- The area of wall covered by windows are not plastered. Instead of deducting two times (inside + outside) area from plastering, we normally deduct one time area of window (either from inside plastering or from outside plastering quantity) This allowance is given for window jambs on either side of window and the effort it takes to finish the corners of jambs (there are 8 nos right angles to be finished on each side of window). in this case we do not measure the exact quantities of jambs.
If the contractor still insists that the window jambs to be measured, it is correct to measure 150 mm wide window jambs in square meters, add it with plastering quantities. In this case you have to deduct two times the window are from the plastering quantity.  
IF a separate line item is there in the BOQ for finishing the window jambs, the unit of measurement and payment would be normally in running meters. Then we have to measure it in running meters.

for cornices:- The BOQ should have a line item for making cornices of different widths. The unit of measure should be in running meters. If the BOQ does not contain any such line item and if the contractor has not brought to your notice in the pre-bid stage, it is understood that the contractor has already factored the cost for the same in the plastering rate. Then we need not take separate measurement and pay for it.
I am sure that the Bahrain standards would not be much different from this approach.
Hope this answers your question.
--r sivaraman  

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