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I am looking after anew bridge construction Project under FIDIC MDBH June 2010 edition. In the BOQ of the Contract, description of Item for reinforcement is "Reinforcement in superstructure as per AASHTO M-31 grade 60". There is no separate item for substructure reinforcement. The quantity given in the BOQ is sufficient for the superstructure and substructure.We are paying substructure reinforcement from the same item. Kindly tell me the procedure to justify this. In our General Specification there no separate item for superstructure or substructure. It only states "Reinforcement as per AASHTO M-31 grade 60". Probably the designer added "superstructure" by mistake.

Dear Mohammad Aqeel Ahmad,

Thank you for this question.

Is there a quoted standard method of measurement for your project; If so I suggest that is used to guide you.

In my experience it is customary to measure separately work in foundations from work in superstructure. Usually the foundation is in larger quantities and, therefore, there may be pricing advantages. Conversely the superstructure work is usually in smaller quantities by area and subject to higher prices.

My suggestion is that you consider how you would evaluate rates and prices if you separated the items. The parties can agree that the rate s may be the same.

I hope that this assists you.

Kind regards,
John Dowse

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