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Hello again Femi,

Eid Mubarak. Is there any software or method on how to price preliminaries during tender period? And how to calculate  & determine preliminaries item applicable due to EOT?

Thank you in advance.

Dear Reggie,

Trust you are doing well.

Unfortunately, there is no separate software for pricing preliminaries apart from the usual estimating software that for pricing all construction works. The work of these software are based upon the data imputed to them which consist of a library of all items - in the case of estimating preliminaries, it will be library of preliminary items and then that of cost data base that relates to them and then, from the cost data history, you can then, estimate and pricing your preliminaries items.

For Preliminaries items applicable to EOT, it would only be a time-related preliminaries items and no other. In a broader view, there may be some other consequential claims that are being triggered by the EoT aside from the ones that may be covered by prolongation cost which could either be actual or based upon the contract preliminaries cost being apportioned to the time-related cost of preliminaries over the EOT.

Summarily, the preliminaries related to EOT are time-related preliminaries. The following could be few of them: Scaffolding, watching and lighting, insurance and bonds...etc.

Hope this is ok?


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