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Dear Majid Khan
I am again asking you a question and expect to receive another professional answer. What are the procedures to be adopted by a Dispute Board to deal with a dispute under FIDIC harmonized MDB Document? One of the contractors wants to initiate these proceedings. I hope you will guide us.

Dear Izza

Welcome again. The FIDIC 2010 clearly describe the procedural rules for the Dispute Board. Under Rule No. 8 (a), The Employer and the Contractor (the Parties)empower the DB to establish the procedure to be applied in deciding a dispute. For this purpose, the Chairman DB and the members (in case it is a three member board), in initial meetings with Employer and Contractor decide upon the rules for deciding disputes. He will then formulate these rules and, after obtaining consent of the Employer and Contractor, will circulate these rules among the members and the parties. Generally speaking, the procedure adopted is as under:

The Contractor shall refer any dispute with the Employer, following a dissatisfaction with the Engineer's Determination under Clause 3.5, to the Chairman DB and the Members and to both the parties and the Engineer. This referral to DB must be accompanied by all the supporting documents and references to clauses of the Contract. The Chairman after consultation with the members decides whether to admit the referral for hearing or not. If not, then he will inform the contractor of the basis of rejection. He may need additional information from the Contractor to enable the referral to be heard. If yes, then the Chairman will declare the date of receipt of referral as "Day Zero" as the decision is to be given with 84 days. The Chairman will then advise the Employer and the Engineer to submit their position papers with supporting documents to him, the Members and the parties within the time stated in the rules. The Contractor will be given a chance to reply to any new points raised by either the Employer or the Engineer. After receipt of the rejoinder from the Contractor, the Chairman DB will set a date for hearing where the Contractor, the Engineer and the Employer will make their final presentation to all the DB members. The DB members will be free to ask any question to understand the issue. For this purpose the parties and the Engineer will also be allowed to ask questions addressed to the Chairman and replies also addressed to the Chairman to avoid any cross talk and keep the atmosphere cool.

After the completion of hearing, the members will meet in private and try to reach a consensus on the decision. The chairman will then draft the decision of the DB and after obtaining consent from the other two members, will dispatch the decision to the parties and to the Engineer. In case of a split decision, the opinion of the majority will prevail. The decision of the DB, under FIDIC 2010 is to be implemented as and when received. It may be reversed by Arbitration or a decision of the Court.

I have tried to explain briefly the procedure adopted by DB to reach a decision. I hope that it will fulfill your requirements. Kindly let me know if there are still any queries.

Abdul Majid Khan  

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