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Construction Law/PPRA Rules regarding CIVIL WORKS in Punjab


I am working on preparation of necessary documents,forms etc. for Civil Works harmonised with latest PPRA Rules in punjab.Can You help that how can I collect these patent documents.

ANSWER: Dear Ahsan,
Thank you for your question. You can download all procurement documents from the website .These are duly coordinated with PPRA rules. As you are Islamabad based, you can also contact me on my phone number below for any other assistance that you may need. The turnkey contracts, if involved, need some more discussion.
Liaqat Hayat
Cell # 0333-5610760

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QUESTION: Thank You so much Sir and Jazakallah..
Actually ,I am working in a autonomous organization of Punjab Provice .I have been given the task to compile a standard document/procedure for Civil Works to be executed in different offices located in different Districts of Punjab.Kindly clarify Punjab PWD department exactly follow the PEC forms/procedures OR have different Documents /Procedures etc?
Secondly how much the recognition of PICC (established by PEC) rules etc. in different departments of Punjab.
Pls. note that my Organization is involved in delivery of Vocational Skills to Youth.
Jazakallah Again.

Dear Ahsan,
Thank you for your response. You are most welcome for any assistance i can give. i have been procurement / contract specialist for over 10 years with organizations like NHA / NESPAK etc and now work as free lance consultant on contractual issues and dispute resolution issues. I have a deep interest in 2 fields that is plumbing and shuttering design for which i played a major role in my the then organization " MacDonald Layton Costain", a major construction company of 1970 to 1990.
Liaqat Hayat

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I can answer questions based on FIDIC 4 and FIDIC 1999 [design-build] with particular reference to time extension , price adjustment and disputes. I am in particular more inclined for response to points pertaining to how claims should be framed and put up in case of technical or other contractual shortcomings. Regarding procurement matters I have spent over 5 years as procurement specialist for highway authority and dealt with numerous claims and disputes in the capacity of "The Engineer" .

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