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Muhammad Iqbal wrote at 2014-03-21 16:56:41
AOA. SIR I HOPE U LL BE FINE BY THE GRACE OF ALLAH.if any other adjustable item(s) is not used in a particular billing period then the ratio of current date price and base date price for that particular adjustable item(s) shall be considered as one.I VE QUOTED IT FROM PEC DOCUMENTS. IS IT MATHEMATICALLY CORRECT ? IS THIS PRACTICE BEING ADOPTED INTERNATIONALLY ?

Abdul Majid Khan wrote at 2014-05-13 15:44:53
Dear Iqbal

My point of view is that the formula given in PEC document is used to compute the Adjustment factor Pn. For this purpose only a few item are selected to be used in the formula which represent all the other items. This is why this formula is independent of the fact whether certain item appears in that monthly statement or not. The formula does not compute the adjustment of prices of certain item but computes the adjustment factor which in turn gets multiplied with the total work done during the month. This work done includes also those items which even does not appear in the list adjustable items.

Nowhere in the PEC document you will find the novel idea of taking the factor unity when a specified material is not used. If you make an exercise taking this assumption, you will end up with a loss to the contractor if the prices are increasing and to the Employer if the prices are reducing. I myself have done this exercise by taking four months where steel is not used and six months where steel is used. If you take proper weightages for steel in this example you will end up with result I described above.  

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