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Dear Sir,

Hope fully you will be fine.

I am Mr. Adnan from Pakistan, completed my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2010.I am continuing my job in aluminium glass fabrication  and installation industry.
We have some time disputes with client or main contractors on extension of time, delay in civil works by main contractor, Payment delays by main contractor.
My question is that i want to learn science of contract management. Where can i learn about contracts from or guide me with a book., institute to learn it.

Thanks and Regards
Adnan  A Mahatir

Dear Mr Adnan,
I first of all appreciate your interest to learn contract management..
From your question, i understand that you are a subcontractor working for a main contractor. You should be having a signed contract with your main contractor OR with the client (if you are a nominated sub contractor. The first and best place to learn the contract management is to read that contract thoroughly and carefully...again and again. If there is no such signed contract, at least the PO / WO should have all the terms and conditions. If the contract has been made in an unbiased manner, some remedial measures should have been addressed in that contract for all the concerns and time disputes mentioned in your question.

If you are still unable to find remedy for your disputes, start building the documentation on the cause of delay from others (delay in civil works by main contractor, delay in payment, work hindrances by other contractors, delay in decision by clients, delay in sample approval by consultants, etc) I hope you have such documentation by way of emails, letters, MOM, photographs etc which will help you to support your case in arbitration. Resorting to arbitration and mediation is the last solution.

To learn further on contract management, read the general conditions of contract by FIDIC which are freely available on the internet. Read the CPWD contract documents and CPWD works manual to understand how contracts work in your country. Attend the seminars conducted by Pakistan Institution of Engineers and other such bodies.
Insha Allah... Happy Learning
--r sivaraman

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