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Lump sum contract project contains a paragraph indicate that prices are fixed and the contractor has no right to claim the price increase. But prices have jumped dramatically and the contractor no longer able to continue execution,
When contractor stop execution of works without finishing a contractual item. How  the consultant must to calculate executed quantities (measurable quantities or a percentage of the estimated quantities)
For example:
reinforced concrete contractual quantity is    7300 m 3
actual quantity is   6850 m
Executed quantity is   5430 m 3   until the date of withdrawal Contractor
Question: How should the consultant evaluate  value of 5430 m3 Reinforced concrete works, as a rate of 7300 Thatís mean 74%, or considered remaining quantities to finish the contractual item is 6850-5430 = 1420 m 3  and the consultant must pay 80% from the contractual item

Dear Imad
It is understood that the BOQ quantity is 7300 and but what is actually measured quantity is 6850. the work done is the percentage of the actual works = 5430 over the total actual quantity. the obtained % should be multiplied by the total price for this item to get total payable to contractor.
I hope this give you the required answer.

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