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We have a back - to- back subcontract agreement with our Main Contractor based on 1999 Fidic (Red Book). There is no penalty clause in the subcontract. At the end of the 2 year contract, the Main Contractor rejects our final payment certificate and instead provides an unsubstantiated counterclaim and avoids paying us. According to FIDIC 1999, our question is:
1. what conditions is the Main Contractor supposed to meet for his counterclaim against the subcontractor to be valid ?
thank you.

Dear Jackie,

If your subcontracting agreement is based on 1999 Fidic (Red Book, just read the Conditions of Contract by understanding that your Main Contractor is actually "the Employer" and you are the Contractor.

Please read Sub-Clause 2.5 [Employer's Claims] and there should be your answer.

In terms of specific conditions, there is none, but there should be a reasoning, their claims should quote a certain Sub-Clause that you have failed to observe, hence they must demonstrate a breach of Contract.

They must demonstrate their claim has a merit first, and secondly, the quantum. They can not just ask for no matter what amount, just like that.

Trust that answer your query.

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