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Dear Sir Jonathan,

We have a lump sum contract in Qatar, astonishly our BOQ rates is inclusive of Prelims.

Now, Client has introduced additional equipment such as FCUs, Fans, AHU etc. These equipment will be covered under variation cost submission.

Could you please guide me how to contractually claim for the spares under a variation since spares are included in Preliminaries? I am reading the QCS 2007 but to no avail.


Depends on what is inclusive in the unit rates of your equipments.

In some contracts there's a list of spares to be provided by the Subcontractor for a particular item/equipment.

One example is that a Subcontractor shall supply and install one unit of X equipment for Y unit rate, and agreed to supply additional spares as indicated on his list of spares.

So this really depends on the list of spares you agreed to provide for a particular X unit rate of the equipment.

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