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Dear Sir Rofel,

We have a lump sum contract in Qatar, astonishly our BOQ rates is inclusive of Prelims.

Now, Client has introduced additional equipment such as FCUs, Fans, AHU etc. These equipment will be covered under variation cost submission.

Could you please guide me how to contractually claim for the spares under a variation since spares are included in Preliminaries? I am reading the QCS 2007 but to no avail.


Hi Antonio,

Thanks for your question. Apology if it took a while to answer your question.

Provision of spares are specified under QCS 2010 which supersedes QCS 2007.

The cost of spares under Preliminaries are provided for equipment under original scope only. If these are "additional equipment", you have the right to include the corresponding cost of spares in your cost proposal.

However, if you are not comfortable pricing the spares separately, I suggest that you (and your Subcontractor) will include it in the rate of each equipment.

Let us be optimistic to obtain approval on your proposal.



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