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Why a Standard method of measurement for building projects are unsuitable for civil engineering works?

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There is no right or wrong answer to your question rather the fact that, the SMM for building specifically designed for building and may not serve the detailed the methodical and procedural execution process of execution of the works in Civil Engineering works enough in a way to demonstrate the risk for pricing the operations and execution of the items of the works. For example, measurement of the items of concrete works in civil engineering (cesmm) are not same with building (smm). Again, the cesmm provides an elaborate spectrum of civil engineering structures than the smm for building. In some areas or items of works, any of the smm (whether building or civil engineering) would be applicable and at such instance may be adopted. But usually,  for consistency,  it is ideal to use one single smm for a project except when practically and unavoidably not ideal to do so. One common thing to both smm is that, they both have preamble and notes on how to frame the description of the works item being measured to reflect to the estimator or the person pricing of the scope of the measured works and thereby setting a guide and limitations for its accurate pricing.

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