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What would be the significance of a Contractor's proposal included in a Design and Build Contract Document if the Contractor claims he suffered additional cost and delays, as he could not proceed as per his proposal, which he submitted was developed based on the findings of the investigations the Employer had carried out.

The Contractor's submission appears to be that he has fully relied on the opinions given by the Experts in the investigations report [would this help in view of Sub-Clause 4.9- Site Data?]

I am deeply indebted in advance for you valuable answers as usual.

Dear Alemu,

Thanks for your question.

Though your question is not specific as to the findings and investigations you are referring to, but, nonetheless, i will answer your question on the general principle under which Design and Build contract operates.

Contractor is absolutely responsible for his proposal under the Design and Build Contractor because, the contract principle understands that the Contractor has duly considered the Employers requirements and based on satisfying himself in achivability of the Employers' requirements, he has forwarded his proposal and cost which the Employer has accepted and agreed to under the contract. As such, if the Contractor has been found erroneous in his proposal or understanding of the Employers requirement and his proposal needs further adjustment which is now resulting to variations, the Contractor will bear the implication thereof whether time or cost or otherwise.

But should the Contractor able to prove that the Employers requirement is erroneous and that such errors were impracticably impossible to be checked and confirmed during the tender stage, and therefore he has relied on the data and information, then, he may be exonerated. Otherwise, it is entirely the responsibility of the Contractor to carry out verification and confirms all data except where specifically not required or impracticably impossible but to rely on the Employers' requirement.

Hope this clears your doubt?


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