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sir, we were deployed by the client as aconsultant to design and supervise the road works. our supervision was up to 13th april 2013 ( start from 14th feb 2010 to 13th april 2013 incuding extension of time. same for contractor.). after 13th april 2013 consultant demoblized from the project. client had given further four months extension of time directly to contractor i.e 14 april to 13 august complete the works with some addtional works. during the deployment of consultant, variation 1 , 2 and 3 were prepares and submitted to client for their approval but so far only vo 1 is approved.
now client has forwarded the final bill of contractor and istructed consultant to check and sign the bill. let me know that
1. can consultant sign the works done in their absence.
2. without approval of vo2 and vo3 can consultant varify the quantities and amount considered in vo.

pl.answer at your earliest.
sanjeev gupta

Dear sanjeev,

1. If the Contract is completed between Client and Consultant, Consultant do not have right to sign any document after the contract completion day.

2. Similiar to above first consultant do not have right to review the documents. If any amendment issued for the consultant for extension period than they can review the quantities prior to approval.


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