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Construction Law/Interim Payment (Fidic Section 14.3)


Ref: Fidic, YellowBook, 1999, Section 14.3 - Application for IPC

Dear Sir,

a) With reference to the above captioned section, in the consideration of a particular IPC for 'this' interim, what is the amount certified this interim? is it not the subtotal of the sub items (a) to (f) in section 14.3?

b) With reference to sub item (g), would the value be the amount certified in the previous IPC only? Or is it the subtotal of all the amounts certified from all previous certificates

c) If an Engineer revises his IPC, would the IPC have to state, say, for an IPC#3 of June 9th 2013, now revised, to state [IPC#3-Revised-July-28th-2014, dated June 9th 2014] or [IPC#3-Revised, dated July 28th 2014]

Dear Ricardo,
Thank you for the question though I could not asses what axact problem you are facing as a contractor or client.Anyway I have following to comment on your three questions.
a)your interpretation is correct
b)It is the sub-total of all the amounts certified earlier. The interim payment being considered is cummulative payment based on gross quantities executed sofar including quantities executed in the month under consideration now.This is ormal procedure followed for putting IPCs
c)The Engineer normally record the measurement in a measurement book also called MB and is a auditable document.Normally the Engineer in our part of the world make a note for such a revision at relevant page of MB and then puts his signature (dated)under the note
Hope i have answered your question and if not,please come back with your question.
Regards-liaqat hayat  

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