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Dear Sir,

I am currently employed in a consultant firm and handling a commercial and residential project in Abu Dhabi. My project is based on FIDIC 1987 with amendments in 1988 & 1992 and a lump sum contract. As per tender drawings and specification the all light fittings are NON-LED lights. but as per client request we changed our specification and design to LED lights.

As per latest LED design and specification the total LED light materials cost is increased at the same time lot of lights been omitted as per LED design.

I have to know what will be the basis of calculation for the light fitting change proposal based on LED lights selection and final design.

Thank You.

Dear Velmurugan,
If I have understood the case from your text, both specification and quantity changes in your case.
As this is the lumpsum contract, you may treat this as a change in the scope of light fittings.
from the BOQ (I hope you have the BOQ from which the lump sum amount is arrived) take the cost of all light fixtures for the given specification (non LED)and numbers as per GFC (let this be amount A). Then arrive at the cost of light fixtures as per the new specification (LED)and numbers. Let this be amount B.
Then give a change order by subtracting A from the contract value and adding B to the contract value. You will get the new contract value now.
Hope I have clarified.
--r sivaraman

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