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Dear Sir,

I have signed a contract with agreement for civil and finishing works and to get coordination charges in general for all other works such as MEP, aluminum, swimming pool, etc., and agreed during the project to claim the amount of such fee after handing over the work.

then client management replaced their staff with new personals.

Some of the materials were supplied by the client.

Upon requesting the amounts of all subcontractor that I have coordinated with and equipment supplied by the clients such AC Units and doors, to enable me claim the coordinated charges of 3%.

then I was surprised from the new representative asking me to clarify the definition of coordination charges, and asking me to support this by which standards or common practice.

Note that some subcontractors were using my equipment and scaffolding materials.

My question.
1- What or where I can find documents(standard codes or practice, Fidic or ...) explain for him the meaning of coordination charges and what it should get.
2- Do I apply 3% in all materials by subcontractors and/also the equipment supplied by the client.

please advice me of reference or documents support my claim.



Dear Ashraf
It seems that you have made a verbal agreement with the previous management. Such verbal Agreement cant be executed and now you are faced with new management asking you to justify the fees based on standards and practices. Actually, the fees you are charges are based on an agreement and consequently, you should clarify what exactly you did which is out side your original scope of works. such additional services or works could be claimed as done upon the Employer instruction and could be  justified by other subcontractors to whom the services were provide.
simply said, I don't think you will reach to any justifications if you search codes, common practice, and / or standards

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