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If one hires a Firm to handle its Project Management Services (namely preparation of Scope of Works or Bills of Quantities, going out to tenders award of Contracts and Project Supervision). However, upon receipt of invoices for payments to the Contractors it is observed that the rates inserted in the Scopes/Bills of Quantities are highly inflated what recourse does one have given the fact that the Contractors would of had signed contracts and also would have completed the works by the time the Invoice have been present to Us for payment. The Form of Contract being FIDIC First Edition 1999 Short Form of Contract.

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Dear Ronald,
Thanks for your question.
Firstly, I would like you to know that recourse available to a party to a contract are usually specified in their contract and where such recourse is not stated, it will be a challenge to follow a unilateral recourse not agreed to by both parties rather, the best source to identify any other available recourse would be in the applicable laws.
But in this particular instance, I expect that the client would have entered into a formal agreement with the Consultants on the project management procedure and other terms of the contract. One instrument used for this is the provisions in the agreement for professional indemnity insurance which is actually protecting the client against any misrepresentation,  misconduct and or professional negligence of the Consultant to the extent which cam be evidenced. So, if you have such instrument and you can justify that "a deliberate unprofessional  action and or inactions of the consultant which led to the inflated rates. You may then surcharge the consultant and call in their PII bond for reimbursement of any loss or damages suffered by the client.

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