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Would be grateful to receive your answer to the following question:
Question: Special circumstances has not been defined. What type of events can be considered as "Special circumstances of any kind whatsoever" and what type of events cannot be considered. Also how does one interpret "fairly to entitle". How does the Engineer judge what is fair and what is not?
In my project the Contractor has claimed EOT quoting this clause for delay by the traffic police in giving approvals for traffic diversions to allow the Contractor carry out the asphalt layer.
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Hi Suprio
"Special Circumstances" is the kind of loose phraseology that should be avoided when drafting any contract. My interpretation is an event that was not caused by either of the two parties.
This is known as Neutral Causation.
The words "Force Majeure" are similar but usually you get a defined list of events.
So if my interpretation is correct then delay by the traffic police on approving diversions would fall into the Special Circumstances category. Usually these neutral events allow an EoT but no money so check the contract to see what events allow money to be paid.
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