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I would like to ask a question related to FIDIC 1999 Red Book.
1. quantities for which a subcontractor payment was to be calculated on were fraudulently manipulated by a main contractor. This document fraud was reported to the police.
2. contract states that disputes arising from the contract shall be referred firstly to mediation, then arbitration.
3. My question is, does mediation and /or arbitration have jurisdiction over such cases where fraud is involved ?
Thank you.

Dear Newman,

Sorry for my late reply due to my travel based on my vacation.

This is first time I am hearing such a problem. The Quantities should be clear and calculation should be provided by Subcontractor and jointly inspected and then verified by Main Contractor.

If the case referred to criminal court by police, Jurisdiction should be with the court and always the laws of the country prevails the Contract.

I think best and precise answer may be given by a lawyer in your case.

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