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Dear Arshad,

I am from a client side and have a requirement to extend the existing Natural Gas Network as per authority standards. The new extension project consists of construction of approximately 30km of design and construction of a Natural Gas Network System and Maintenance thereafter. I would like to see your advice and recommendation of which From of Contract is best suitable of this nature? EPC or Design-Build?

We would like the Contractor is  take full responsibility of the design and as we do not have not completed any designs.

I understand that EPC contracts is normally associated with a LS contract. Is it possible to have EPC Contract with remeasured payments mechanism?

Does FIDIC EPC Form of Contract allows a Client to amend LS EPC Contract to be modified to use as a remeasured contract?

Note: Natural Gas Network mentioned above is to supply natural gas to industries for its operations from a Main Gas Supply point.

Thanks for your time and response.

Dear John,

I think, The Plant and Design-Build Contract Conditions will be more suite to your requirements(i.i Yellow Book)rather than EPC Contract. In my viewpoint changing payment mechanism into rearmament  will create may cause complication, however, stage payments on the basis of length  per Km would be the best payment mechanism.I,m also enclosing herewith some additional detailed information that may help you to selecting the FIDIC conditions.
I could not attach the image file,if you are interested for additional info, contact me on my personal
Engr.Arshad Mahmood

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