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QUESTION: I am a student, currently taking Quantity Surveying course. I would like to ask the roles of QS in Turnkey contract, is there any different with other contract type?

ANSWER: Dear Nick

The QS tasks and Key Result Areas remain same, however in Turnkey project role will vary considerably if you as a QS are working from Contractor's Side or Employer's Side or may be from a Specialist Consultant side.

The QS on a turnkey project must be fully aware with Design Stages and impact on cost due to any design enhancement. The buildability of Employer’s requirements must also be known to the QS.

Please follow-up with your specific query in this regard if you have any.

Best Regards

Manish Gupta

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I would like to ask if the QS work from employer/client' side, what is the task of QS?

Dear Nick

Followig are the typical tasks by a QS, representing Client on a turnkey project:

To understand and manage the financial and risk implications of all assigned business

Prepares proposals which consider all aspects of the business process

To receive and process commercial information

Prepare Contractual/commercial documents, review contractual drafts and final editions

Organise complex contractual documentation

Offer direction and instruction by identifying, analysing and developing responses to
commercial and contractual risks

Ensure that all stakeholders, such as administration, operations, and finance understand
and adhere to contractual obligations, reflecting them accurately

Provides advice on commercial and contractual claims

Keep track of:


Risk / cause and effect

Standard contract formats / terms and conditions

Cash requirement projections, flows and cash effects

Strategic establishment in related geographic areas

Procurement of Specialist Contractor’s and/or Consultants including third parties

Should be able to stipulate Employer’s requirements

Change Order management, review and approvals.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

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