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Could you please elaborate Sub Clause 18.4 of fidic red book harmonized version. Under this clause is employer to be insured ? this insurance is for for what risks ? also please give interpretation of this clause .

Dear Satyam,

Sub Clause 18.4 of FIDIC Red Book, 2010, MDB Harmonised Edition refers to [Insurance for Contractor’s Personnel].

This is the protection of Employer and the Engineer against claims, damages, losses and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising from injury, sickness, disease or death of any person employed by the Contractor or any other of the Contractor’s Personnel, except as stated in the Contract.

Simple Example:

One (1) personnel of Contractor's died during the course of construction (not caused by Employer). The Insurance Company will compensate for whatever damage, etc it has caused. The Employer will be free from any risks or claims from the Contractor because it is covered by the insurance.

I think you are confused of the phrase "The insurance shall cover the Employer and the Engineer...". but if you continue reading it and not stop on the word "Engineer", you will have a better picture of it.

I hope the above addresses your concern.

Kind regards,

Rofel Ningal

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