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Dear Mike:

We are utilizing the FIDIC Red Book (1999).

Here is my question: In the FIDIC contract format under what circumstances is a contract Amendment issued vs a Variation Order? Do the terms have virtually the same meaning?

It is my understanding for example, that the scope of work may be modified and an extension of time may be granted using a V.O. in accordance with clause 13. I have not encountered an issue that would require a contract Amendment during the course of my career.

What circumstance (in general) would trigger the need for a Contract Amendment as opposed to a VO? FIDIC documents are silent concerning Amendments to the contract.

Thanks in advance for your valued opinion.



Hi William
A VO is the agreed mechanism in the contract whereby the owner can make changes to the scope of works and / or timing. It is part of the signed contract and does not change the current agreement.
The parties of a contract are free to change the terms by mutual agreement - it is unusual but they can agree to amend the terms of the contract if they wish.
Best regards
Mike Testro

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