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you will find attached a Clause 59 of General Conditions of the Contract + Article 152 of the applicable law ... they both speak about Contractor's Compensation .. please go through them thoroughly and help me by answering the followings:
1- May we use these both Clause & Article to manage a case of dispute between our Employer (we are the Engineer) and the Contractor .. The case in brief is that there is a part of filling materials quantities on site is under dispute, We see that it is to be borne by Contractor referring to a certain condition in the Contract whereas the Contractor sees that he is entitled to this part and always claim to get it paid ...  is this a case of compensation claim that lies under the attached clauses?

2- does the Contractor have any right to stop the work of this disputed part until having it settled Or he must continue the work without stoppage  based on that the Contract would be applied to settle the dispute?

Thank you Sir

ANSWER: Hello Khaled,

Thank you for your new question.

1. I understand the dispute is about a certain filling quantity which is to be executed, or not, hence, to be paid or not.

As I understand, it has not been concluded that Contractor is entitled to a certain payment, such payment has been certified and that such payment is now delayed.

If that would have been the case, Clause 59 would have applied.

But your case is different, hence you must refer to another Clause in the Contract.

2. Usually, Contractor should not suspend the work for a disputed issue. Dispute resolution should go in parallel with the works execution.

Normally, you should have a specific Clause in the Contract, indicating which reasons enable the Parties to suspend or terminate the Contract.

If described situation falls under such Clause, then Contractor has the right to suspend the work, if not, they don't.

Once again, it is difficult to answer, as I do not know which type of Contract Conditions you're using, all information is with you.

All I can do, is to guide you where to look and what to look for.

Hope that helps in the given conditions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Floren

1- May you please rephrase No. (1) again as I didn't get it. the dispute  is about a certain filling quantity which must be executed but it is about: are they  to be paid to the Contractor or its cost is to be borne by him.
The Contractor started the execution of the disputed quantity but he is feeling worried and kept sending letters to have the payment thereof approved but so far he hasn't taken any dollar of this disputed work. Again, Clause 59 as well as Article 152 could apply on our case or not? and why (again please)?

Thank you Sir,

Dear Khaled,

Thank you for coming back.

The Article that you indicated only refers to cases where the Employer does not pay and you can only use it when certain money are definitely due to the Contractor but Employer does not pay.

Your case is about establishing if the Contractor has to bear the cost of that filling, or, if he carries out the filling, he will have to be paid by the Contractor.

Thus, in this moment, you need first to establish this. And for this, indicated Article does not apply, you must look somewhere else in the Contract, or at how the situation you describe has occurred.

You must analyse how did you get at this point, compare the situation with the Contract Conditions and then draw a conclusion.

Again, right now, I can not help more as the Article you referred to me deals with something else. It is like in a restaurant where you ask me to choose a desert, but you only gave me the menu for the starters.

Please thus go back to your Contract and re-evaluate the situation.

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