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Construction Law/Why Performance Guarantee and Liquidated Damages Are Not Applicable in Consultancy Services Contracts


Dear Mr, Testro,

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I was wondering to know about a logical reason behind: Why obtaining performance guarantee is not required in consultancy services contracts and also why liquidated damages are not applicable in consultancy services contracts.

Although, the nature of delay or defaulting is same as construction contracts but the above two important clauses which may help the client to recover any damages are not applied in most of the consultancy services contracts.

Mohammad Adil

Hi Mohammed
In ancient times the builders were tradesmen and the architects were gentlemen. Gentlemen never dealt in "trade" so there was a clear separation of the roles. Tradesmen were paid in money to make a profit - Architects were paid a fee for their services. This separation still pertains which is why the contractual arrangements are different.
The big difference is that a consultant is protected by a Professional Insurance Policy that covers any negligence.
If there are no LAD's then damages are at large and the consultant is liable for whatever costs the client can justify.
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Mike Testro

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