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Dear Sir,

many thanks to offer us your valuable advice.

we are based in Qatar and arranging a JV proposal with Singapore based company for our new tender submits in Qatar, project also going to be in Qatar for local client. in this case

1. what are the main conditions should be review clearly between both party?
2. which arbitration / Mediation law should govern the JV? ( because, Singapore company asking us to accept the Singapore Arbitration to  rule this JV agreement). can we accept this?

3. is it advisable to have 50:50 in this finance? or since we are leading the project, can we consider 55:45. advice me please

Qassim Ahamed

Dear Qassim,

Thanks for your question.

Your question is a peculiar one that cannot be properly addressed here. You would need to sit with an expert in Contract and Laws of both countries and as well, you may need to have a good business plan with finance and technical specialist.

I will advise that, you don't go into JV if you have not sought proper legal, business-financial and contractual advises from their competent and licensed professionals. It can be risky to go ahead without them. All conditions will be discussed between the parties and agreed mutually. Grey areas would be addressed sufficiently.

The Choice of Arbitration / Mediation would also depend on calculated and projected risks of individual parties and the law and language that operates in the party's countries. Again, a contract or arbitration experts in perhaps the two countries would advise you well. It is also good to consider, seat, place, law and language of arbitration in your agreement. You may need to check if both countries are signatories to UNICITRAL MODEL LAW. It makes enforcement of award easy.

Sharing formula is purely a business and financial decisions which only the experts and your record of profitability and also the contribution to the JV would play a strong role to determine. If you require further help to see available firms, i guess, you may search them up online or i could possibly help on referrals without any strings attached.


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