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According to the SCL 60.2 Limit of Retention Money whether applicable to only Contract Price or Contract Price including variations.



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Legally speaking "THE CONTRACT PRICE" includes all up to date variations to the contract. Hence why the Limit to Ret Money will apply on the price of initial contract + all the variations.

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Refer the 1987 FIDIC Red Book Sub-Clause 1.1 (e) (i), the "Contract Price" means sum stated in the Letter of Acceptance, therefore whether the future variations could be considered?



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Consider a scenario: You have a contract to build a store room for 5000$ at a 35% of work done the client asks you to change the flooring from concrete pavers to ceramic tiles to which you agree for an additional cost of 100$. What would you call that ?
That's an amendment to the contract mutually agreed by the both parties. Which in case of FIDIC is generally executed through a variation.
For that very reason on most of variation orders / change orders (VO) it is explicitly mentioned that "this variation is being executed with the mutual consent of the parties and becomes a part of the contract". You may find such wordings in your VO template issued by the employer. This essentially amends the contract, by amending the contract price mentioned in the LOA; on the basis of increase in already agreed scope mentioned in the BOQs.

However in absence of such text from the VO you can always raise a dispute; but generally courts will eventually decide that the Contract Price has been revised.

Also, you must understand the concept of retention. It is a portion of the amount of work done, that is retained by the employer from the amount of total work done to date to cover any defects / liabilities arising out of or in relation of the work already done by the contractor.
So if a variation is increasing your scope of work for an additional cost then the employer is entitled to retain a certain amount to cover any unforeseeable defects / liabilities against that additional works.

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