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If the Engineer instruct a variation and leading to EOT, then the contractor separately submitted the variation claim (prepared by QS) and prolongation cost claim (prepared by claim expert in-house).

In the variation claim HO overhead required to compensate during the EOT period will be covered, and in the prolongation cost claim only site overhead will be covered.

Therefore we not require Hudson formula or any other formula to derive HO overhead, because already covered by the variation claim.

Sometimes the Engineer require actual cost for the prolongation cost and then based on actual data it will be prepared.

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If i correctly understood your question, the prolongation cost claim is based on time related expanses which the contractor has incurred due to longer stay at site for reasons not attributable to him. It means it is basically preliminaries or general cost item which are related to time for example bonds which may have to be extended due to extension of time and as such extra cost incurred in this account has to be compensated. Regarding head office overheads, normally only extra over head expanses required for employment of resources are compensated which are not covered otherwise.
The idea of compensation to contractor is normally based on proving the extra cost incurred by him through the contemporary record such as daily progress report. Please note that concurrent delay is also not considered in prolongation cost along with grounds such as inclement weather. The FIDIC contracts define cost without consideration of profit and so this is also to be considered.
I hope this clarify the matter.

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